Paneer bhurji Ingredients

Bold spices, enticing heat, decadent textures, and the comfort of home. That’s what Indian food means to us at the Saffron Fix kitchen. Even if you are a novice cook with little to no experience our goal is to make you fall in love with process of cooking Indian food. The feeling of plucking fresh fenugreek leaves, the art of blooming whole spices in oil, and the aromatherapy of steaming Basmati rice are just a few of the of the wonderful moments you would never experience if you order take out. We are not just sending you a box of ingredients; we are inviting you inside our kitchen, to our dining table and giving you a taste of home.

Since we are hoping to transport you with every meal, think of this blog like a travelers guide. What is curry leaf? Where is Chettinad exactly? How can I make authentic chai? We plan to demystify this cuisine until you feel as comfortable cooking Chicken Tikka Masala as you would spaghetti.

With each box you contribute to our story. Saffron Fix is not a product but a community of those who believe in cooking what you crave. Reflections of your experience, what you have learned and what you wish to know more about are as vital to our recipes as salt. Without it things would be pretty bland, so share your thoughts in the comment section or send us a note anytime. We look forward to taking this journey with you!